• Agriculture


    Zanesville, OH - During a trial, the corn on the right was grown with GreatGrow and the corn on the left without GreatGrow
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  • Horticulture


    Middletown, NJ - The azalea on the right received an application of GreatGrow Soil Amendments on the surface of the soil within the drip line of the shrub while the shrub on the left did not. No fertilizer was applied to any azalea plant.
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  • Golf & Turf

    Golf & Turf

    4TH Green on the Red Course at Little Mill Country Club on December 8th – Marlton, NJ
    Note the vibrant green on the fairway, approach and green which was treated with GreatGrow, while the Zoysia grass has browned out and the deciduous trees have lost their leaves.
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Welcome to GreatGrow - All "Natural" Soil and Foliar Amendments

Complete soil and foliar program to incorporate a full spectrum of beneficial, aerobic organisms
that continually restore, nurture and expand life in soil...naturally.
New Technology

GreatGrow's brand new technology replicates the fundamental principles that define the creation and development of healthy soil.  It consistently  produces the broad spectrum of beneficial, aerobic organisms required to produce healthy soil that promotes healthy plant growth.  Our technologies enable GreatGrow to deliver its proprietary products in either a granular format with a shelf life of more than one year, or a liquid format for on-site production and application to both foliage and soil.


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