• Agriculture


    Organic Eggplant grown in high tunnel using GreatGrow. Lancaster, PA.
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  • Horticulture


    Pansies six weeks after replanting with GreatGrow mixed into the soil and spread on top of the soil. Monmouth County, NJ.
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  • Golf & Turf

    Golf & Turf

    Green color shows nutrient cycling taking place in the winter months. Notice that there are no leaves on the trees & the warm season turf has gone dormant. Southern NJ
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Welcome to GreatGrow - "All Natural" Soil and Foliar Amendments

GreatGrow Turns Dirt Into Soil And Protects Plants Naturally

New Technology

GreatGrow's brand new technology replicates the fundamental principles that define the creation and development of healthy soil.  It consistently  produces the broad spectrum of beneficial, aerobic organisms required to produce healthy soil that promotes healthy plant growth.  Our technologies enable GreatGrow to deliver its proprietary products in either a granular format with a shelf life of more than one year, or a liquid format for on-site production and application to both foliage and soil.

See How Productive Your Soil and Plants Can Be

The Benefits